Bedding plants are commonly used in residential and commercial landscapes to provide color. Your flower beds can be small or a container on a patio. It could be brand new flower bed. Spend time outside and note the light and shade in the chosen spot throughout the day Remember that more sun equals more blooms. bedding plants perform best in well-prepared beds with good drainage.

First, remove any weeds or other unwanted plants from the bed. Next, turn the soil to a depth of about eight inches. and then evenly sprinkle a light application of an all purpose fertilizer Thoroughly blend fertilizer into the bed, rake smooth and you’re ready to plant. bedding plants are spaced about 8 inches apart. Also think about color schemes and desired heights. Bedding plants generally look best and the beds will fill in better when the rows are staggered. Lay out the first row of plants spaced properly. The second row is laid behind the first row at the appropriate spacing from it, but the plants are placed between the plants of the first row so that they form triangles with those plants. Once the bed is planted, mulch and thoroughly water the plants in. You may use a hose-end fertilizer applicator and water them in with a fertilizer solution to get them off to a good start.


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